Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dream Big, Run Hard

     So, very soon I will have a book published and available in every bookstore and online.  Now comes the hard part: Promotion and marketing.  I have been shooting a series of short videos correlating with each destination featured in my Cape Cod travel guide entitled In My Footsteps.  There are 89 places in all which makes it quite an undertaking.  Once each video is shot and edited they will be sporadically released and shared on YouTube as a viral marketing campaign.  This is probably good enough to drive tons of visitors to my book and my website equaling sales.  However, any of you who know me know that 'good enough' is rarely ever good enough.
     I began to think of other innovative ways to get the word out about my book.  It wasn't long until my other passion gave me the answer.  Running. Yes, running became the solution for promotion.  What better way to showcase a Cape Cod travel guide than by running the entirety of the Cape, passing by most of the places featured in the book?  Coming up with the idea was easy, actually putting it into action is obviously harder.  After using MapMyRun to create a route I now know that the total mileage will be 165, not something I can even feasibly do in a week.  I am aiming for 2 weeks, meaning close to 12 miles a day everyday for 2 weeks.  That seems more doable despite being like running half marathons for 14 straight days.
     Another potential drawback is that it is the peak of summer with the heat index on the Cape now routinely in the mid-90's.  Yes, there are probably health risks, but my book is coming out now, not in December and one must strike while the iron is hot, right?  I can safely assume that 99.99% of people would hear this idea and shoot it down without hesitation, and honestly I don't blame them.  This is not a normal promotional campaign but I am thinking outside the box.
     Once the plans are finalized I can start sharing them and publicity will follow. How often does someone attempt to run the entirety of Cape Cod anyway?  I don't need to run 7min miles for this, all I want is to do all 165 miles in the allotted time and in reasonably good shape.  So am I crazy? Or is this brilliant?  Or maybe a little of both?  I'm a runner, normal thoughts don't cross my mind often.  I will keep everyone posted on my Cape Cod run and my book release as more info comes around.
Yes I plan on doing this by choice.